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The Oxford Circuit website is currently being upgraded and restyled. This is the old website. Unless you need to be here for a specific reason (eg. you need to access material which has not yet been transferred to the new site), you are warmly invited to transfer to the new site.


Thank you!

Chalgrove Methodist Church


We are a chapel of 20 members, with an average attendance of 10-15, in the centre of a rural village of 3000. Members have changed but the numbers have remained stable over the last 10 years. The age range is 40 - 85, with up to four young children in Sunday school, and four teenagers who will be moving on to university soon.

The congregation is made up largely of people who are non-conformist rather than Methodist in background. We are open to both new and traditional worship styles although generally happier with the latter, and we prefer sound teaching with strong practical applications.

The church supports the Toybox charity and contributes to the Porch and Community Foodbank. Individual members are active in the community, with people involved in a wide variety of organisations. We would like to be more mission-focussed and expand our activities and numbers but lack the manpower and time.

We have extended the original chapel and now also have a hall. The hall is leased to a day nursery and the chapel is let to community groups.

Chalgrove Methodist ChurchMembers have good informal links with the Anglican church and other neighbouring chapels through shared activities outside church and friendships. We have one joint service a year with the Anglicans and occasional joint lunches and house groups.