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The Oxford Circuit website is currently being upgraded and restyled. This is the old website. Unless you need to be here for a specific reason (eg. you need to access material which has not yet been transferred to the new site), you are warmly invited to transfer to the new site.


Thank you!

Tackley Methodist ChurchTackley

Tackley Methodist Church is in a village of approximately 1,000 people 10 miles north of Oxford. Most members live in the village and the traditional Sunday morning worship has a mixed congregation numbering 12 to 15. Since January 2010, we have also been running ‘Messy Church’ once a month on Saturday afternoons. This has attracted an enthusiastic following of mainly younger mums and children. There is a weekly prayer group and also a weekly coffee morning which is popular among older folk from the village. Other events take place during the year, some in co-operation with the local parish church. In addition, we have a monthly film night (known as FEATURES), on the fourth Friday of the month, showing films in the church using a high-definition, surround sound system, along with its spin-offs Big Feat and Little Feat showing films on occasional Saturday mornings to cater for our teenage and family audiences. Proceeds from theses film nights go to help a whole range of charities.