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Circuit Song Book

This page can be used to search the Circuit Song Book. By default, a complete list of the songs is displayed. If you would like to refine your search, pleaseenter details of the required hymns in the panel on the right hand side

Please note that this page is still under development!

202A baby was born in BethlehemAuthor: Ivor Golby
1A new commandmentAuthor: UnknownMusic: Arr. Barry Hart
2Above all powers, above all kingsAuthors: Lenny LeBlanc & Paul Baloche
220Adoramus te, DomineMusic: Jacques Berthier
3All heaven declaresAuthors: Noel and Tricia Richards
4All I once held dearAuthor: Graham Kendrick
221Alleluia! (Duncan)Music: Norah Duncan IV
223Alleluia, alleluia (Honduras)Music: Honduran traditional melody (arr. J Bell)
222Alleluia, alleluia (South Africa)Music: South African traditional
224Amen siakudumisaOrigin: South African traditional
225Amen, amenMusic: John Bell
191Among us and before usAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
203And did it happenAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
6As a fire is meant for burningWords: Ruth DuckMusic: American traditional melody
5As if you were not thereAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
7As the deer pants for the waterAuthor: Martin Nystrom
9At dawn the women made their wayWords: Mary BringleMusic: J.B. Dykes
8At your feet we fallAuthor: Dave Fellingham
226Be not afraidMusic: Jacques Berthier
228Be still and know that I am GodAuthor unknown
10Be still, for the presence of the LordAuthor: David J. Evans
11Beauty for brokennessAuthor: Graham Kendrick
12Because Christ came (Tenemos esperanza)Words: Federico J. Pagura (Tr. George Lockwood)Music: Homero R. Perera
229Bless the Lord, my soulMusic: Jacques Berthier
13Blessing and honour (Ancient of Days)Authors: Gary Sadler & Jamie Harvill
192Bread is blessed and brokenAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
215Bring to the Lord a glad new songWords: Michael PerryMusic: C. Hubert Parry
15Brother, sister, let me serve youAuthor: Richard Gillard
14By a monument of marbleWords: Marjorie DobsonMusic: American traditional (Arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams)
227By your shapingAuthor unknown
16Can God be seen in other waysWords: John ThornburgMusic: German traditional (as harmonised by Mendelssohn)
17Christ has called us to each otherWords: Beverley HumphreysMusic: Rowland Hugh Prichard
18Christ has risen while earth slumbersAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
20Christ is risen (Cristo vive)Words: Nicolas Martinez & Fred KaanMusic: Pablo D. Sosa
19Christ triumphant, ever reigningAuthor: Michael Saward
21Christ's is the world in which we move (A Touching Place)Authors: John Bell & Graham Maule
22Colours of day (Light up the fire)Authors: Susan McClellan, John Paculabo & Keith Ryecroft
230Come all you people (Uyai mose)Author: Alexander Gondo
23Come and find the quiet centreWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: Scottish traditional
25Come and seeAuthor: Graham Kendrick
24Come now where we least expect youWords: Marnie BarrellMusic: Herbert Howells
26Come on and celebrateAuthors: Patricia Morgan & Dave Bankhead
193Come, Lord, be our guestAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
27Come, now is the time to worshipAuthor: Brian Doerksen
231Come, O LordAuthor: Mike Stanley (arr. Nigel Hemming)
28Creator God, creating stillWords: Jane HuberMusic: William Croft (attributed)
29Darkness like a shroudAuthor: Graham Kendrick
30Do not be afraidAuthor: Gerald Markland
194Draw near to Jesus, as we come to shareWords: Jan GrimwoodMusic: W.H. Monk
31Easter glory fills the heavenWords: Leith FisherMusic: Cyril V. Taylor
232Eat this bread, drink this cupMusic: Jacques Berthier
32Eternal God, your love's tremendous gloryWords: Alan GauntMusic: R.R. Terry
33Even though I walk through the valleyAuthors: Matt & Beth Redman
34Everyone needs compassionAuthors: Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding
35Faithful OneAuthor: Brian Doerksen
36Father God, I wonderAuthor: Ian Smale
233Father, we love youAuthor: Donna Adkins
37For ev'ry song, for ev'ry breathAuthors: Nick Herbert & Ben Cantelon
38For I'm building a people of powerAuthor: Dave Richards
39For me to live is ChristWords: Peter Tongeman
40From heaven you came, helpless babe (The Servant King)Author: Graham Kendrick
41From the depths of empty darknessWords: Jan GrimwoodMusic: Henry Smart
43From the highest of heights (Indescribable)Authors: Laura Story & Jesse Reeves
42From the highways (The Wedding Feast)Words: Clare MatthewsMusic: Anthony Eddy
44Give thanks with a grateful heartAuthor: Henry Smith
234Gloria, gloriaMusic: Jacques Berthier
45Go in Jesus' nameAuthor: Josep La Porta
235God bless to us our breadAuthors: Frederico Pagura & John Bell
46God has made laughterAuthor: Kathy Wonson Eddy
47God has spokenWords: Willard JabuschMusic: Israeli folk melody (Arr. Norman Warren)
48God made me as I amAuthor: Bernadette Farrell
49God of freedom, God of justiceWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: French carol melody (Harmonised: Ralph Vaughan Williams)
50God of gloryAuthor: Dave Fellingham
51God the sculptor of the mountainsWords: John ThornburgMusic: Henry Purcell
52God weepsWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: Ian Render
53God who sets us on a journeyWords: Joy Dine
54God's spirit is hereAuthor: John Bell
55Great and deep the Spirit's purposeWords: Marnie BarrellMusic: C.H.H. Parry
56Great God of every shining constellationWords: Albert BaylyMusic: R.R. Terry
57Great is the LordAuthor: Steve McEwan
236Halle, halle, halleOrigin: Caribbean traditional (Arr. Geoff Weaver)
237Halle, hallelujahOrigin: Syrian traditional
58Hallelujah (Your love is amazing)Authors: Brenton Brown & Brian Doerksen
238Hallelujah (Zimbabwe)Music: Abraham Maraire
59He has risenAuthors: Gerald Coates, Noel Richards & Tricia Richards
60Heaven shall not waitAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
61Help us forgive, forgiving LordWords: Herman Stuempfle
195Here is bread, here is wineAuthor: Graham Kendrick
62Here on the threshold of a new beginningWords: Timothy Dudley-SmithMusic: Malcolm Archer
63Here within your presenceAuthor: Daniel di Paolo
64Holy Spirit, we welcome youAuthor: Chris Bowater
239Holy, holy, holy (Santo, santo, santo)Author: UnknownMusic arrangement: Geoff Weaver
240Hosanna, hosannaMusic: Jacques Berthier
65Hosanna, hosanna (Lord, we lift up your name)Author: Carl Tuttle
66How deep the Father's love for usAuthor: Stuart Townend
67How lovely on the mountainsAuthor: Leonard E. Smith Jnr
68I am a new creationAuthor: Dave Bilbrough
241I am the vineAuthor: John Bell
69I danced in the morning (Lord of the dance)Words: Sydney CarterMusic: 19th century Shaker tune (adapted: Sydney Carter)
70I dream of a churchWords: Kate CompstonMusic: Jonathan Todd
71I give you all the honourAuthor: Carl Tuttle
72I see the king of gloryAuthor: Brooke Fraser
74I want Jesus to walk with meOrigin: African-American spiritual
75I will offer up my lifeAuthor: Matt Redman
80I've had questions (When the tears fall)Author: Tim Hughes
73I, the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am, Lord)Author: Dan Schutte
242If you believe and I believeOrigin: Zimbabwean traditional song
204In a stableAuthor: Michael Perry
196In bread we bring you, LordAuthor: Kevin Nichols
76In Christ aloneAuthors: Stuart Townend & Keith Getty
77In Christ is our salvationWords: Clare MatthewsMusic: Anthony Eddy
243In the Lord I'll be ever thankfulMusic: Jacques Berthier
79In the murky Jordan riverWords: Jan GrimwoodMusic: Scottish traditional
197In the singing, in the silenceWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: Carlton R. Young
78Inspired by love and angerAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
205It's rounded like an orangeAuthor: Basil Bridge
82Jesus calls us here to meet himAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
84Jesus Christ (Once again)Author: Matt Redman
83Jesus Christ is waitingAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
85Jesus is the name we honourAuthor: Philip Johnston
86Jesus shall take the highest honourAuthor: Chris Bowater
198Jesus took a piece of breadWords: Michael Forster
81Jesus, be the centreAuthor: Michael Frye
88Jesus, Jesus (Holy and anointed one)Author: John Barnett
245Jesus, remember meMusic: Jacques Berthier
87Jesus, stand among usAuthor: Graham Kendrick
244Jesus, we are here (Jesu tawa pano)Author: Patrick Matsikenyiri
247JikeleleAuthor: John Barnett
89Jubilate, everybodyAuthor: Fred Dunn
249Kamana 'o 'i 'o (Faithful is our God)Author: Joe CamachoMusic arrangement: John Bell
246Kindle a flameAuthor: John Bell
90King of kings, majestyAuthor: Jarrod Cooper
248Know that God is goodAuthor: Joe CamachoMusic arrangement: John Bell
250Kyrie eleison (Bridget)Author: John Bell
251Kyrie eleison (Ghana)Music: Dinah Reindorf
252Kyrie eleison (Look around you)Author: Jodi Page-Clark
253Kyrie eleison (Paraguay)Origin: Guarani traditional
254Kyrie eleison (Ukraine)Origin: Russian Orthodox
255Kyrie eleison (United States)Author: Mary K. Jackson
256Lamb of GodMusic: Celebration Hymnal (Arr. Fride Gustafsson)
257Laudate dominumMusic: Jacques Berthier
258Laudate omnes gentesMusic: Jacques Berthier
91Let love be real, in giving and receivingWords: Michael ForsterMusic: Irish traditional
92Let us build a house (All are welcome)Author: Marty Haugen
93Light of the world (Here I am to worship)Author: Tim Hughes
207Like a candle flame (The Candle Song)Author: Graham Kendrick
94Like the murmur of the dove's songWords: Carl P. Daw JrMusic: Peter Cutts
259Listen now for the gospelOrigin: Zimbabwean liturgical acclamation
95Living God, your joyful SpiritWords: Jill JenkinsMusic: Cyril V. Taylor
96Living God, your word has called usWords: Jan BerryMusic: Cyril V. Taylor
97Longing for light (Christ be our light)Author: Bernadette Farrell
206Look up and wonderAuthor: John Bell
100Lord Jesus, may my wordsWords: Clare MatthewsMusic: Anthony Eddy
102Lord of all love, all life, and deathWords: Colin GibsonMusic: W.H. Gladstone
99Lord, for the yearsWords: Timothy Dudley-SmithMusic: Michael Baughen
98Lord, I come to youAuthor: Geoff Bullock
260Lord, in your mercyAuthor: John Bell
101Lord, the light of your love is shining (Shine, Jesus, shine)Author: Graham Kendrick
103Love is something if you give it awayAuthor: Malvina Reynolds
104Love is the touch of intangible joyWords: Alison RobertsonMusic: John Bell
105Loving SpiritWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: David Dell
106Make way, make wayAuthor: Graham Kendrick
264May God bless youAuthor: Unknown
107May our worship be acceptableAuthor: Graham Kendrick
108May the God of hope go with usOrigin: Spanish traditionalMusic: Argentinian folk melody (arr. Emily Brink)
262May the Lord bless youAuthor: Margaret Rizza
265May the Lord, mighty GodOrigin: China, adapted I-to Loh
263Mayenziwe (Your will be done)Origin: South African traditional
261Me yaco mai (Your kingdom come)Transcription: I-to LohMusic: I.S. Tuwere
109Meekness and majestyAuthor: Graham Kendrick
208MidnightAuthors: Mark & Helen Johnson
110My Jesus, my SaviourAuthor: Darlene Zschech
111Naught left of ChristAuthor unknownMusic: Irish traditional
209No wind at the windowAuthor: John Bell
267Nothing can troubleMusic: Jacques Berthier
112Nourished by the rainfallAuthor: Pablo Badillo
266Now go in peaceWords: Michael MairMusic: Caribbean folk melody
216O God beyond all praisingWords: Michael PerryMusic: Gustav Holst
269O God, we call from deep insideAuthor: Linnea Good
113O Lamb of God (Cordero ng Diyos)Origin: From the PhilippinesMusic arrangement: David Peacock
114O let the Son of God enfold youAuthor: John Wimber
116O Lord my God (How great thou art)Author: Karl Boberg (Tr. Stuart K. Hine)
115O Lord, all the world belongs to youAuthor: Patrick Appleford
270O Lord, hear my prayerMusic: Jacques Berthier
117O Lord, the clouds are gatheringAuthor: Graham Kendrick
118O Lord, your tendernessAuthor: Graham Kendrick
272Obragado (Thank you, God)Origin: Brazilian traditional
268Ocean of loveAuthor: M. Thomas Thangaraj
217On a hill far away (The old rugged cross)Author: George Bennard
273On God alone I wait silentlyAuthor: John Bell
119One is the bodyAuthor: John Bell
120Open are the gifts of GodWords: William VanstoneMusic: Orlando Gibbons
121Open our eyes, LordAuthor: Robert Cull
122Open the eyes of my heartAuthor: Paul Baloche
271Our Father who is in heavenMusic: Caribbean traditional (Arr. David Peacock)
123Over all the earth (Lord reign in me)Author: Brenton Brown
124Over the mountains and the seaAuthor: Martin Smith
125Peace to youWords: Jane HuberMusic: Henry Smart
127Praise him on the trumpetAuthor: John Kennett
128Praise with joy the world's creatorAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
126Praise, I will praise you, LordAuthor: Claude Fraysse
129Pray for a world where every childWords: Ruth DuckMusic: Jim Strathdee
130Purify my heartAuthor: Brian Doerksen
131Rejoice! Rejoice!Author: Graham Kendrick
132Restore, O Lord, the honour of your nameAuthors: Graham Kendrick & Chris Rolinson
133Sent by the Lord am IOrigin: Nicaraguan oral tradition (Tr. Jorge Maldonado)
275Senzeni naOrigin: South African traditional
134She sits like a bird (Enemy of apathy)Authors: John Bell & Graham Maule
135Shout for joy and singAuthor: Dave Fellingham
199Shout for joy! The Lord has let us feastAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
136Sing for God's glory that colours the dawn of creationWords: Kathy Galloway
137Sing of the Lord's goodnessAuthor: Ernest Sands
139Sing to God with gladnessAuthor: James Quinn
138Singing, we gladly worship the LordOrigin: Guatemalan traditional (Tr. Christine Carson & John Bell)
140Sisters and brothers with one voiceAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
141Soften my heartAuthor: Graham Kendrick
142Spirit of God, in all that's true I know youWords: Reginald BrooksMusic: C.H.H. Parry
143Spirit of God, unseen as a windWords: Margaret OldMusic: Scottish traditional
274Stay with me, remain with meMusic: Jacques Berthier
144Strength will rise (Everlasting God)Authors: Brenton Brown & Ken Riley
145Such loveAuthor: Graham Kendrick
146Surprised by joyAuthors: Marjorie Dobson & Andrew PrattMusic: June Baker
276Surrexit Dominus vereMusic: Jacques Berthier
147Take this momentAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
277Take, oh, take me as I amAuthor: John Bell
148Teach me to danceAuthors: Graham Kendrick & Steve Thopmson
149Teach us, O loving heart of ChristWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: Jillian Bray
150Thank you for saving meAuthor: Martin Smith
151The goodness of GodAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
152The gracious invitationWords: Martin LeckebuschMusic: William Croft
278The Lord is risen from the deadAuthor: Dimi Halleyi
153The Lord's my shepherdAuthor: Stuart Townend
154The love of God comes closeAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
155The one who longs to make us wholeWords: Edith Sinclair DowningMusic: D.G. Corner (First tune); Thomas Tallis (Second tune)
280The peace of the earth be with youOrigin: Guatemalan traditional (Tr. Christine Carson)Music arrangement: John Bell
156The Spirit lives to set us free (Walk in the light)Author: Damian Lundy
158There is a RedeemerAuthor: Melody Green-Sievright
157There is singing in the desertWords: Geoffrey Marshall-TaylorMusic: William Steffe
281This is the body of ChristAuthor: John Bell
279Through our lives and by our prayersAuthor: John Bell
282Thuma mina (Send me, Lord)Origin: South African traditional
159To be in your presenceAuthor: Noel Richards
283Ubi caritasMusic: Jacques Berthier
284Wa wa wa Emimimo (Come, Holy Spirit, come)Origin: Yourba traditional
160We are called to tell the storyWords: Ruth DuckMusic: Henry Smart
161We are here to praise youAuthor: Graham Kendrick
162We are marching in the light ofOrigin: South African traditional
200We break this breadWords taken from The Alternative Service Book 1980Music: Chris Rolinson
164We cannot measure how you healAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
163We do not hope to ease our mindsWords: Marnie BarrellMusic: Scottish traditional (First tune); Irish traditional (Second tune)
165We lay our broken worldWords: Anna BriggsMusic: Kenneth Finlay
166We shall go out in hope of resurrectionWords: June Boyce-TillmanMusic: Irish traditional
167We who live by sound and symbolAuthors: John Bell & Graham Maule
168What good is it?Authors: Tim & Rachel Hughes
211What kind of greatness can this beAuthor:Graham Kendrick
169What love is this? (I surrender)Author: Dave Bilbrough
171When aimless violence takes those we loveWords: Joy PatersonMusic: Frederic Cook Atkinson
170When I look into your holinessAuthors: Wayne & Cathy Perrin
172When memory fadesWords: Mary BringleMusic: Jean Sibelius
173When our lives know sudden shadowWords: Shirley Erena MurrayMusic: Carlton R. Young
174When out of poverty is bornWords: Kathy GallowayMusic: English traditional (Arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams)
175When the music fades (Heart of worship)Author: Matt Redman
176When the Spirit of the LordAuthor unknown
177When the waves are crashingWords: Gareth HillMusic: Daniel Charles Damon
210When the winter day is dyingWords: Arthur ScholeyMusic: John Jones
178When we are living, we are in the Lord (We belong to God)Author: Mexican traditional & Roberto EscamillaEnglish version: John Bell
179When we are tempted to deny your sonAuthor: David Romig
212Where do Christmas songs begin?Words: Timothy Dudley-SmithMusic: Unknown (arr. David Peacock)
213Who are these who ride by starlightWords: Marnie BarrellMusic: T.J. Williams
214Who would think (God's surprise)Authors: John Bell & Graham Maule
180Will you come and follow me (The Summons)Authors: John Bell & Graham Maule
285With you, O LordMusic: Jacques Berthier
181Women and men as God intendedAuthor: John Bell
182Worthy, you are worthyAuthor: Matt Redman
183Ye servants of GodWords: Charles WesleyMusic: Swee Hong Lim
184You are author and Lord of creation (Sara shriste)From Nepal (Author unknown)
201You are holy, you are wholeAuthor: Per Harling
186You are the king of gloryAuthor: Mavis Ford
185You chose the cross (Lost in wonder)Author: Martyn Layzell
187You have the words of life, Lord (To whom else should we go?)Words: Clare MatthewsMusic: Anthony Eddy
188You laid aside your majestyAuthor: Noel Richards
190You shall go out with joyAuthor: Stuart Dauermann
189Your voice is (Awesome God)Author: Vicky Beeching